Joe Navarro’s What Every Body Is Saying (Book Review)

Undeniably, Joe Navarro is an absolute expert in his field. With his decades-long experience and track record, he brings invaluable knowledge to the table. Some reviewers of his book, What Every Body Is Saying, have been harsh in their criticism, but it’s telling that their comments are not accompanied with factual references (from the book itself).

There have been several successful attempts by other authors to analyze and describe behavior and expressions, but Navarro comes from a practical field (with the FBI) wherein he has put his knowledge to use for the safety of the public, and to bring people to justice.

This book, What Every Body Is Saying, is not only a practical and explanatory guide; it is also a great book with storytelling and factual references, putting his analyzes and theories in perspective. For example, on page 158 (Box 42) Navarro tells about the mother who claimed that her son was kidnapped from a Wal-Mart parking lot, and on page 160 (Box 43) he describes the alleged rape of a woman. These kinds of spot-on observations put additional value to the talk. Navarro walked the talk, and this book is proof of that.

(Click here for my series on Psychopathology of the political fascist group PVV, based on The Seven-stage Hate-Model by Joe Navarro and his colleague Jack Schafer)

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